Stereotypes ! Yeah.. I am lazy and being a bad sister once, but i changed ! Every second flies, I am changing and think that I can't be that lazy anymore ! Last time, I don't washed up dishes after eating but now I try to help and will washed it ! But, just one time I asked my brother to wash it up for me, the truth in their head is that I am lazy again and nothing had changed for them ! Is that so hard to see that I changed and see my positive side instead of my negative side !? Yeah... when something is fixed its hard to change again! I use to fight back whatever they say to me but now I just keep quiet and think that their words are just their stress ! By swallowing their stressful words, I am STRESS also !

Anyway, back from Japan! I'll post about it later ! Its quite fun except that I can't buy anything because money is kept by my parents ! I am just like a small little 8 years old kids can't even have own money in Japan !!

Yup, I think thats it for now ! College start soon ! Gonna clean everything and arrange my time now ! I am learning Hip Hop or Jazz this year !! I must ! Thats one of my dream ! Aite... adios!



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