Just an updates~

Well, definitely not a good week! For me its ok but one of my friends had to go through the same pain again! Just feel so sorry for her!! I hope she will get through it and also I'll try my best to help her out ! We all now gone through our first class for all three subject ... last one .. Academic Writing is tomorrow! Gonna hope that is a subject that I can score A easily !! As usual, ASSIGNMENTSSSS... HOMEWORK... GROUPWORK.... TEAMWORK... !! & PEOPLESSS...!!!

As you guys now that the rumour of facebook is closing down is a fake news! Mark get back more than we expect, so he wouldn't stop the system that make his money coming in right! But frankly speaking, I don't really like the new profile thingy, its so complicated! and if you don't change now, later or sooner they will automatically change for you ! I prefer the original look lar... T^T...

Anyway, Chinese New Year is coming soon! You guys should be starting to buy new year clothes and new stuff already right! I haven got my chance yet! Maybe soon but maybe not...lets just see how it goes!

Lastly, hope you guys had a great rabbit year! 



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