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Aggh... another boring day ! Have class till 4pm !!! Garrr...
I was absent for 1 day and start seeing things that I don't understand! WTH! So this is what their saying that can't miss a school day not even 1 !!! Now I know I had to download illustrator for visual communication subject without anyone telling me ! Great lar.... what a great thing to know about !

Now, I am all alone in the computer lab writing crap in my blog ! Later going to library to freeze to death until my class start which starts at only 10 am but I am already here at 7 am ! My life just wouldn't get any better right ! FML !

I miss my dear Carmen !! Just met u that day but start missing you already ! How am I suppose to live when you go to overseas ar... I can't believe I am so addicted to you man ! CNY, hope you will have a nice and relax break ! Try to rest when you have the time la... but I know you won't because you will go and have all the fun you want when there is chance for you espeacially CNY!

Sick .. sick.. sick... So hard to bare with the cough when in the class because when there aren't anybody making noise and I go *cough* *cough**cough*... that will really embarrass me ! Damn !

Phew.. I feel so much better now after writing what I want and how I feel about things going on right now! Seriously, I am not happy ! But that doesn't concern any of you so, fine !

Many times I wanted to write things like that by how I feel but when the moment passed, I can just forget a partial and start doing puzzle ! Its like having exam and you forget what u have read !

Should I continue ...... or should I stop here? Do anyone read my blog or I am just the only one here ? Feel so lonely now ~ Sorry for not having pictures in my blog because didn't really have good time going on ! But I have a gathering this coming Saturday, Its barbecue ! So I am going to have fun for that day and play as much as I could! Oh.. its tomorow ! So fast ! So I guess you guys wouldn't have to wait that long la.. Adios !!

Jia Leng


  1. if no one read ur blog then.....wat am i doing here?? O.o


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