Nothing is Fair!

Went across the high school magazines and flip it open to see what I had missed! Everything I saw is just a scene because I am not involve in it and mostly about the student's comment or the student's friends called as the contributor! They just interview their OWN friends so that the whole school know them and they would be so famous! Is the position that important ? Really.. I went through the passage and its all about HER! Its just not fair, I know nothing is fair!

I dance in high school! So when there is a performance, she always get the best position on the stage and be the main dancer! Its not like she is the best in the group but she always get the best one! Its not fair to the other group members right! Even the president of the club didn't get the position before and she had it so many times before her! Memories in high school definitely did not make my day! Because I am a really quite person in school and damn not hyper student! I don't involve in any event even for the sports day... except I dance! I love to dance and in the final year I choose to leave and joined Wushu! Because its too much drama for me in the cultural dance club! Anyway, I get to dance in the performance for the event of the cultural dance that is held in the school hall! Thats the happiest moment in high school I guess... because people paid to watch us dance! Somehow I am not the main dancer but the performance would not be so successful if one of us is not in it.. So it makes everyone of us so important!

Anyway, I would like to send out a message that the world is not fair NOTHING IS FAIR! So, I'll just accept the facts and do what is best for myself ..

One more thing.. I am so damn hungry now! Can't believe my stomach betrayed me at this time! Gotta take some bite ! Night peeps! 



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