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Going through facebook and read something about one of my friends ! She did a lot of things that make people hate her ! I don't know whether she purposely or really so stupid don't know that it makes people hate her so much ! Try to convince her before but too stubborn to receive anybody's comment or criticism! And now I don't really know what happen but she is upset again ! Really upset and the opponent is a guy ! She always have problem with people and making it worst and not trying to save it !

Seriously, she have to change her behaviour ! Even now, she is big enough to think what is correct and what is wrong ! People, just to tell you guys that, don't make people hate you or else you will be so much miserable ! There is something better to do in life just correct the small mistakes ! Nothing is perfect but at least try to save something rather than do nothing or worsen the case ! As a friend, all can I do is done ! Is up to her now to choose her path !

Good Luck !


  1. do i know this girl...just sound so familiar

  2. Yep .. erm.. i think u know who la.. just came across!!


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