I am screw!!!! I saw my classmates busy doing assignments and all i do is watching television and play zuma on facebook !! But I really doesn't have the mood of doing it since I know its due on the week 6 and 5 ! Its going to be a fast time to reach that moment but I still want to take my own sweet time doing what I want to do ! Maybe thats the way I am !!!

Went to one utama today ! So damn confuse of the building structure and the shops ! Its not what I see from the last time I went ! But I remember they just add a new wing there and it should be bigger not lazier ! Its hard to find nice shops and known shops or boutique ! Even foods or restaurants not much choice for me there, quite disappointed! Anyway, its cheaper than Mid Valley although its not that friendly ! Really did some shopping today and spend maybe RM 500 ! Quite "man yi" with the clothes I bought ! Oh ya.. ! The shoes I bought online from Vanity Mask arrive today !!! Damn happy ! But it does not really 100% look like the pictures on the web ! But the cutting still not bad !!! Like it averagely ! Woot ! Showing the pictures in the next post !

And the barbeque !! Saturday ! Went to Cheras and again expected everyone is late ! Anyway, had a fun party there ! Eat, bbq, talk and stuff !! Hope to have another gathering for Bo Yan !! He is going back to Australia in Feb ! Hope to see him one last time !!!

I think thats all for now ! Sorry ! No pictures again !Quite lazy to edit it or transfer from my camera ! I din get a a lot of pictures from that last gathering ! So, I am waiting for the camera girl to put it up only I can show you guys !

Nights ! Bye ! Hopefully tomorrow gonna be a better day !

Jia Leng


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