Today is a tiring day for me ! Class till 5pm but I reached home at 7 pm due to the office-finish-jam! Its always so jam and no solution for the traffic jam ! Gotta stuck in KL forever with the longest jam ever ! Urgg... ! After I went home, I slept !!!!! Until 10 .30pm ! I haven done my resume neither my cover letter ! I was.. WTF.. I thought i should be awaken by someone else but indeed they let me sleep because they know I am too tired ! But of course the crazy little busy fella Carmen obviously is going to be more tired than me by squeezing her work, college and fans club thingy ! I am damn "pei fu" her ! Anyway, going for last shopping on Monday with this crazy fella ! Wants to belanja her makan because she always fetch me there and here ! Awww... But Monday I am not going to drive la please! I just get my car la .. dear ! I still haven get used to it ! Its too dangerous for me and YOU ! So, still you drive la... wait till I am used to the car and stabil then I 'll fetch you home from college ! Kay ! Wooh... done my resume and cover letter in 1 hour ! Efficient right.. hahahah...
I think thats it for now ! Gotta go to bed again ... I am sleepy again ! NIghts Peeps !

Jia Leng


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