Virus visit me~ T^T

Quite a day.. I have only 1 class today and rest a while when I reached home! I went out again at 3.45pm! Went to Mid with this evil virus in my body! And due to the heavy rain outside, the virus became hyper ! Damn hyper and make me had a fever ! No appetite to eat so I had to eat porridge because I didn't ate anything the whole day! I know I am being foolish for not eating anything the whole day! But, thats the only thing I can do to help! I can't resist the nice clothes and shoes out there! So, I promise myself after CNY, I will do any shopping until I get a job or whatever !

Suffer in this situation, the homework from college add the oil into my fire! Whoosh! I hope I can go through this sem as fast as I could! But time isn't moving fast and efficient as I want ! So many things to do but there isn't any motivation to make me finish it faster ! I am bringing my laptop tomorrow to do my homework at the 4 effing hours break before the 2nd class start ! Gonna freeze in the library and stick open my eyes to force myself to finish whatever I can!

I am coughing while typing! Nice situation!! Effing tired!

One thing today, I cried! Because I am suffered from the mad coughing and lung pain plus another fever and now flu, and my mum cooked porridge for me and take good care of me ! I am touched ! I don't really get touched so easily but when it comes to family... Hmmm... you guys know lar.. !! I love you ma...!

Anyway, gonna stop here! Going to bed earlier today ! Night peeps!!!



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