Wohooo... Its Japan~ ♥♥♥ : Part 2

Yeah.. continue from the Universal Studio! I took photo with POPEYE!!! He is so friendly and funny ! My mum forgot to shake his hand and his face goes.." mmm...>< you don't want to have a hand shake ?"hahaha...

Next, we went for lunch ! 

There are only 2 option from the main meal ... that is more worth it to choose! So, my dad order his udon noodle... ! 

I order a pork chop ! But guess what, they came with kacang sauce... but when they combine it ! OMG .. DAMN DELICIOUS! 

Oh! Ignore my mum eyes... T^T

We continue our games !!!

Before we went in, there is a sign saying do not play if you have neck injure, heart attack, backbone pain and stuff like that ! So we went" OMG! Got so scary anot o...?" But after we the game, we almost had the neck injured! Anyway, nice game...

Next, WATERWORLD! So nice! Its like you are in their situation watching them have fight, fire and toxic liquid and aeroplane with your bare eyes ! Then people who want to get wet sit in the blue zone and I am sure you'll get wet as you want there ! 

I saw Shrek and Fiona !!!!! So many people surrounded them so I only can get this kind of pix ! 

Its the ticket for UniStu! Even the ticket so pretty ! 

We went to Japan's Sungei Wang !!! This crab.. damn delicious! 

That stall is full of those delicious crab!! Long leg crab!!! Yum Yum*

This is the Japan's Sungei Wang! 

Opps... I asked them to do it ! They are not gay kay ! 


This is the bus driver that was with us for the whole trip !! Damn nice guy ! 


In some temple !! 

So beautiful ! Its build on wood only !! Cool right ! 

Yes!! We took the bullet train ! And its damn expensive! Its about RM 60 to 70 per ride but also depend how far u go of course!

The ticket ! So olden ! 

Well, thats our tour guide ! Accidentally took her when I wanted to take the Bullet Train!! 
Yes! Its fast ! But, unfortunately, its not in their maximum speed when I took it because the distance is not far enough! 

Sorry ! Penny ! He wear yours ! Because he don't want to wear his one! Its just nice for him ! *wink*

Lunch time again! 
Btw, the photo is not in order ! Too much photo, so I can't really remember which day is which! 

Look !! So many people ! Because its new year eve ! Thats why ! And everyone came to pray... and buy stuff! 

Ginza! The most expensive place in Japan ! I mean there full of branded stuff ! Rich people stays there ! 

Rainbow bridge! Nice right ! Sorry abit blur because the bus is moving ! ><

Look.. even the car is in new year decoration! 

Its in the shopping complex! Cloud is really moving INSIDE the shopping complex! Cool ! 

Japan Mcd McPork! Delicious! 
So sad M'sia do not have and its really cheap ! Only 3.80!

Look normal but it taste really good ! 

Dinner time ! Meat AGAIN!! 

Lets end it here !! Really too much to share ! 

Starting my college on Tuesday ! Get to meet my friends again! Excited and scared! Hope this sem does not have the "bad luck curse" again! 

Nite peeps! ♥♥♥



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