Wohooo... Its Japan~ ♥♥♥

In a plane to Japan !! Nice scenery even in the plane ! Its was a nice and great trip to Japan ! One thing for exceptional is I don't get to buy anything I want ! Arggg... but anyway... I enjoyed it very much ! Its been so long that I went to somewhere further than Thailand! 

My first day hotel ! Forget the name but its the most high class hotel in my trip in Japan! After that, the hotel's star keep dropping !! hahahaa... but its ok because I still have the cold weather with me !! 

Going to some castle but I didn't pay attention to the tour guide instead...... I slept ! HAHA... can't help because we continue our trip after the plane ! Means my night sleeping time is in the plane ! of course its not enough for me !!! muahahaha.... First day for me is quite tiring ! 

LOOK!! Even the dog is dressed up there !! They are so damn beautiful dog ! My dad said this dog was use to race like the horse race in M'sia that make people gamble !! 

Guess where is this ?? ITS UNIVERSAL STUDIO !!! 

The ball ... I like that universal ball!!!! ^^ Sweet couple.... 

The giant Christmas Tree !!!! 

The Entrance of Universal Studio....


Next went to see kimono show ! 

Thats how they make the kimono ! Like the olden days !

Look... so many key chains !!! I want ....><

So cute right ....

Japanese ladies in Kimono !! Some were pretty and some look damn fierce ! But the kimono is nice right !! 
Haaa.... I get to wear one too but not kimono... mine is yukata !!! Simple wan.. its the pyjamas for Japanese..

Ta-Da..!!! This is not so clear! Will show the clearer wan soon ! ^^

Lol.. drank some beer and puke... shhh... the left wan is the milk ! So cute packing ! And they kept it cold just by keeping it inside ... so cool! 

Dinner... favourite CRAB LEG !! Yummy ... I don't eat shashimi.... T^T

Awkward face ... sorry .. BLack Egg... !!!! They just boiled the normal egg in the hot spring ! The sulphur that make the egg shell become black ! Chemical reactions.... hmm... 

Hooo... Can't forget the experience going up to this scene ... We have to climb all the way up about 10 to 15 minutes to the mountain and just to see the smoke and take a picture =.=
My mum was exhausted till she can't breath and I had to hold her hand like she is an old lady having problem with walking !!! HAHAHAHA... 

Here you go !! Black Egg.. Oh ya.. They also said that one black egg equals to 7 years of life ! So u gain 7 years of life if you ate one ... 

See... you have to climb...! 

Food again... this time shabu shabu!!! 

Bought the green tea kit kat ! So excited ! First saw it and it only produce in Japan!! Yummy btw! 

Camwhoring in the bus.... 

Aite... Enough for now .. its a lot of work for me to upload those pix up here.... Its the connection problem or maybe my laptop is a bit lack .. I don't know.. Anyway... gonna stop here... 

Oh YA... Wanna share something with you guys!

Watch this movie in KBS WORLD ASTRO! 


Nice movie and interesting starring by beautiful actress and handsome actor ! 
And they had a trademark for that movie... its their kissing scene with the bubble lips ! Argg... don't really know how to explain that ... If you watch then you will know!

Their soundtrack is awesome! Love that song! 
That Woman- Baek Ji Young 

Hope you enjoy reading~



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