12022011~Yogi Bear~

Went for an outing in Mid Valley today ! Had a movie with Renvin and Peng Peng! We watched 

Quite funny and normal storyline ! Not Bad lar.. overall...

Well, now its  time for the day schedule to be told and pixies to be shown !

Went to Dragon-I for lunch !!! 

While waiting, take some pix!! 

YOGI BEAR !!! Went to the smallest cinema room in Mid Valley GSC ! 
Wow, went to the smallest and biggest cinema in the same year !! hahah.. 

My "Dan Dan Mian" 

Had the peanuts appetizer!! Look disgusting but taste delicious ! 

Peng Peng's "Ma Po To Fu Rice" NIce !

Renvin's tak tau apa rice d.. !! Ok also la.. heee.. 

I love this pictures man !!! Arggg...

Quite expensive actually >,< ! Had to stuff for the next week d !! *sob sob*

Peng !!! Your stichy a.. !!! 


Got the same ring !! HAhaha.. 

Banana!!!! Feel so wrong la.. haha.. !! 

The end of the trip here ! 

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
Hope the singles would be happy without your another half and Couples... wish you guys happy forever ! 

Dad, Happy Burfday !!!! Wish you will have a wonderful day on Valentine's ! And its all depends on me !! mUahahaah.. Don't worry lar.. I'll make up your day !!! ♥♥♥



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