NO photos.. >< This year CNY was quite boring for me ! After makan, mostly do nothing ! NO gamble NO game NO mahjung >< !! I no likey !! Nothing interesting to me !!!But ANG PAU more jor.. hahahah.. then can lar..!!! Have to save a.. if not study in Taylor memang susah nak makan lo.. ><

Tomorrow my coursemate starting their class jor.. !! So fast ! Then my turn on Tuesday ! Assignments pill up will be experiencing again.... hate it !I love watching Tv !!! Monday is coming.. I can watch my Secret Garden again .. waiting for the next episode is damn san fu a!! Argg.. duno what to blog about !! Wait till I can get some photos then I'll upload it here !!

Got my new shoes from Vanity Mask ! Quite satisfying ! 

Thats all for now ! Night peeps! 


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