Mind troubling ~

Feel like writing blog since I haven touch it for years.. ! Nahahah.. I means five days.. ! I had a lot of pictures, yet the pictures are jailed in my camera ! Not letting them out until I finish my Mid Term !

Having assignments mind the whole day and youtube at the same time ! Doing things so long can hurt your brain you know ! I am just letting out crap now because my mind is full of assignments stuff !

Right ! Having 3 more sters in my gang now ! Means burfday pressie gotta increase ! I am happy with the increase number of sters and quite fun to have more gossips around ! Aha.. especially from Jesseca's wan ! Always interesting and shocking and also her REACTIONS! Damn exaggerating !

We went to Ohana again for lunch ! Their food is just so tempting with the delicious taste and flavours and the not-so-expensive price ! Sanjiv belanja me makan ! Wee.. thanks a lot again and this is my 4th time saying thanks ! That means I really really mean it ! :)

Addicted to word scramble at the Google Chrome Web Store! Had to play it everyday although I can't spell out difficult words ! But its fun man ! And also snowflake ! Love it ! I am getting fatter and fatter with all the foods and drinks ! I have to start dancing soon to loose all my fats before the wedding dinner or not.. I'll be looking damn fat in the pictures ! >< Thinking what dress to wear and make a decision to borrow it from Penny! But she damn skinny, I don't think I can fit into her size ! ><

Aite aite ! I think its time to continue my assignments now before the memory of advertising went off ! Guess gonna sleep as usual time again ! Hope to finish it early and went to bed at 12 ! But thats not gonna happen !
Aite .. really gotta go now ! Bye dears ! Muacks  ! Good Luck in Exam ya ! XOXO!


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