Went to Ohana ( one of the restaurant at Taylors Plaza )

Ordering start!!! 

I had Ohana Fried Rice! Best choice of the day ! Muahahah... Its only RM 8.30 with an ice tea ! 
Worthy and delicious !  *Slluurrppp*

Penny and Peng order Spaghetti! Erm... cheese smell darn strong! Cheese lovers can try it ! I forgot the price! *Opps..*

This is lamb chop !!! The crazy little fella Jesseca ordered this! Costs her RM 15  !

I forgot to take Renvin's Fish and Chips!!! * >< * Its quite worth it too! Because its very big and only costs her RM 10 !! Thats what I feel its blogworthy ! hahaha.. 

Recently doing news clipping ! A part of it is newsworthy ! I guess the content is haunting me now even I am blogging !! 

I drove the last few days to Uni and back home from Uni! The starting is quite scary for me  because Kuala Lumpur drivers don't really give way to "P" drivers! So when you want to cut through the other lane, they will speed up and pretend that we are the one who had made a mistake going to that lane ! Damn! 

Anyway, use to it now ! And I am quite proud of myself about driving alone ! Actually driving alone give me more comfortable space and I can do whatever I want in the car without the complaining of the passengers! 

Aite, assignments !!!! As usual, few more assignments are waiting for me to kill them hard ! I wish I could just take a knife and slash it through to kill it in a simple way ! But unfortunately, the assignments are darn strong ! They need many many of research and answers to kill them, way too complicated than slashing it with a knife ! 

Took back a sample of Veet from Taylors! Its quite efficient ! I try it and my hairy leg transform to "bak zam kai" leg! My hair all gone! But it looks more feminine ! Sorry bout my hairy legs ! I think I am going to buy a bigger pack from Watson! Because I just apply it to both my leg and its already quarter gone ! Use it up fast ! 
Anyway, didn't regret from taking the goodie bags ! Wohoo.. ! 

I think I am going to sign off from here ! I am damn tired today ! Feeling sleepy at this hour means I am lacking of resting perhaps sleeping ! So, I am gonna go now ! NIghts Peeps! ♥♥♥



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