On MOndays ...

Arggh.. feel like dying in the college and reborn without my brain !!! Staying at home facing at the laptop screen for the whole afternoon is really suffering for me ! I HATE ASSIGNMENTSSSS... !!! Doing the ads assignments which have to write about SWOT ANALYSIS and targeted audience and more with just only a few pictures of advertisement ! Later, have to do an essay about marriage with outline and night, live tracing ! Woohh.. mondays really freak  me out now ! Feel like slapping myself on the face and thinking that it is just a nightmare! But its not !!! Oh ya !!! 24th !! Its the advertisement examination !! Arggg ... really going crazy with all the stuff doing it last minutes ! But there is no motivation for me to start as early as possible for me to finish my assignments ! The television, foods.. and drama ! OMG ! Can't stop  watching that ! Seriously ! And I think i had gain some weight due to the amount of food intake this few days !

Had to go wash  rice now ! Had to cook own dinner today ! So sad ! Aite, thats all for now! Bye !!! Thanks Peng for saying that I look cute with my eyebrows scowled ! hahaha..


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