Times Square with Ms. Car!!

Went to Time Square with the crazy Carmen again !! Loves going out with her !! I call it a date when we go out together because its DUO! ha! Pixie time !!! 

Thomas and Jack!! and Car... *bet u know who she is if u are TJ fans!*

Redbox Mag!! TJ fans, faster go take !! 

Surprise when they say Jack cried in "Very Idol"!

Food finally ! She is damn hungry and the stupid waiter put the order list in his pocket means he didn't send the order to the chef ! Damn stupid ****!

My hokkien Mee... !! 

Watch Green Hornet in GSC MAX..!!! Damn big seriously ! 

Sorry abit blur here after combining the pix ! 

3D Glasses!!! 

Cool !! 

She just love camwhoring... !!! sambil driving !! hahaha

Finally ... our DUO pix !! Love it ! Thanks for the movie dear !  

CNY coming~  i am sure you guys have done your preparation! Red Red at home now right ! Mine too ! But I feel there is still lacking of something .... the "qi fen" ! I don't feel like CNY is coming soon ! The street is not as red as last time ! Anyway, CNY is really coming ! Wish everyone had a great CNY celebrations!! 



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