Valentine's Day ~♥♥♥

My dad's Birthday is on Valentine's Day ! So I am celebrating Valentine's and Birthday in the same day with my family ! Happy Burfday , Daddy !! Love ya ! Muackxx...♥♥♥

We went to Victoria Station for dinner ! And celebrate my dad's burfday ! ♥♥♥

Its not wine but Imported Sparkling Juice ! Damn nice ! Its the best sparkling juice I ever had ! 

Chicken Maryland! 

My Prawn and Grill Chicken ! Yummy ! 

This is my Bro's Grill salmon and lamb! The lamb damn delicious ! 

My pretty and young Mummy ! Lovess...

Finally, My dad's Black Pepper Steak ! 

Its a simple and happy dinner we had ! Hope next year I can plan something surprise for him ! 

The pixies on the other day !! 

 Was playing with Renvin's new Camera and they use mine too ! They just love my Camera ! 

Look how adorable they are ! 

This pictures is so cool !!!! 

Besties ?? 

Rabbit Year !! And Rabbit Teeth !!!! 

They are not COUPLES ! 

They just love taking pictures !! Muahaha... Love them ! 

Well, this is the happy girl in our group because she had her best Valentine's Day ever ? I guess.. ! 

Being rape by someone ... nah.... just kidding ! 

This Leng Lui ar... Buat  apa so leng jek !! ><

End with her pictures !! Guess she would be happy with this ! Love you guys ! ♥♥♥



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