Haven been in a blogging mood recently~ After examination then assignments going on again ... It feels like a water flowing out from the open tap! Urggh... don't know what happen to me recently, keep getting headache at night and thats the time I need my brain to function the most because I would be sleeping in the afternoon and night time would be my time to do my assignments and stuff, so you won't see me online in the afternoon right !

HEADACHE... headache~ Having so much thing to do recently and I am gonna work in the two months break ! Weehoo.. can't wait for that because I'll get to experience new things and money come come come ! Muahahah...

Arggh... I am in a headache situation even when I am writing this now !

But, one thing I learn about today ! Trust yourself more than anything else ! It would be a benefit for you in the future or maybe now ! Maybe now you would need someone help and have to trust someone but you will know the truth some day ! And hoping its not something regretful to decide at this very moment!

Aite, Renvin-getting-lost-game is freaking me out today with all the unconnected calls that I have been dialing for the whole afternoon! And thanks to the stupid DIGI line that making all this worries happening!

Wish you all have a great day tomorrow because we can go home at 10am if there is nothing up to do ! And I am gonna watch movie all by myself tomorrow ! Its my first time experiencing watching a movie alone ! Booyah! Its a great thing to do, I guess... ! Aite Ciaoz... Bye ... NIghts .. Peeps... !


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