Today, we have PR classes! The lecturer return our test paper and the outcome was BAD for some students ! SO.... THEY STARTED TO BLAME HER ! WTF ! Seriously ! You shouldn’t blame anyone if you are the one who are not giving effort in it! When the result is out, you get a bad result, you blame the lecturer for giving you low marks! WTH ! Do you think she is bias? Only give high marks for good students?? She is just giving marks according to the grades and she is fair enough although I agree that she does lack some communication skills, but she is FAIR ! Admit it that you are stupid ! Bitches ! Stop complaining and do your work with more effort ! Urgg... I really beh tahan with group 1 ! Memang! So many bitches there already still want to cause so many problems and disrespect the lecturer ! Eat SHIT la.. 

Urrgg.. fed up with them ! 

I have been doing works (tons of works) recently, barely can go out to meet Carmen to have some tea break ? Finally, we did! We went to KL Sentral to buy the bus tickets and we went for makan at Kuchai Lama ! 

Carmen ! Lovesss.. 

Sorry for the bad image... since you already use to it ! NVM la... !! hhahaha

My Har Mee.. ! Only RM 6.90! reasonable and its delicious! 

This is... er... Yok Sui Lo Shu Fun? I don't know the price but it more expensive than mine ! 

Then ... we talk a lot ! Gossip .. gossip .. gossip! Gonna continue the gossiping tomorrow night ! Yahooo! 

Next, going to Taylors The Gang-Not-Sters! 

We have lunch outside of Taylors almost every Thursday! Because we had 3 hours break which is enough time for me to drive to back to my house and Taylors 3 times!!!! Damn long ! Today, we went to eat Pan Mee in SS19! Delicious ! NO pix! sorry ! 

I have pix in that Korean Restaurant ! Watch now! 

Next, Chic-licious!

Set Lunch of Black Pepper Butter Chicken Rice! It is not a perfect combination of butter and black pepper! Its weird for us but still can accept! 

Biang Biang's Omelet Fried Rice! Better than the chicken! 

Went to Pasar Malam near Damansara few days ago. 

Bought a lot of makanan, but I am not the one who is paying ! Thanks to Mei Shan's father for belanja me the Nasi Lemak ! Quite nice too ! And... addictive like what she says! 
We bought bubble mocha chocolate, satay, nasi lemak, crackers and more... ! 

 The photo quality is not that good, so I make it smaller to look nicer ! Anyway, I think thats all for today! Done by AW essay when writing my blog ! Awesome... ! I am that cool man ! 

Oh ya ! Tomorrow, I am going to Genting for the song award thingy ! Many big artist going there ! Will share it when I come back ! Ciaoz. ! Bye ! Nights... XOXO ! 

Jia Leng


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