Going to Hip Hop class later.. Headache going on again ! I think I am going to die !!! Right, its a picture of me studying for the Mid Term Exam ! And results came out ! I pass it averagely for some subject and I am satisfied! Just don't be too sad kay Penny! I am sorry to brought this up to you again !

Went to watch a movie "Beastly" alone! It was fun and it makes me laugh and smile right straight from my heart ! Its a quite interesting movie and devastating! It light up my day, if I could say that!


And the alone movie was awesome! I don't know why but I feel relax and I like the feelings going on ! 
Oh.. and on the same day, 9th MARCH 2010.. Its a friend of mine having her 19th Burfday ! I was out till 12am midnight to makan with her family! Its the first time going out so late! Thanks and hope you have a awesome Burfday ! 

There is this classmate outing for lunch between the class break hours ! We went to somewhere ( I don't know where is that place, but I know its opposite of a school) for Nasi Lemak ! 

Well, I can say that this chicken taste awesome enough to make me have a sore throat the next day ! Its not something serious but its delicious man ! 

As you guys know, something happened to Japan ! Tsunami & earthquake strike Japan! When my dad turn on the CNN channel, I was shock with the scene they recorded! The water was so strong that it crossed over the river between the paddy field and swept everything else away! They are confirm that the numbers of dead surpass 1000! Let's pray for Japan and hope that they will be okay ! 

Jia Leng


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