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Well, tomorrow is the last day and my pixies are going to be out of the jail soon ! AW... comprehensive passage, about pre-writing, outline and essay ! Just worry bout the essay part ! Hope to pass it with flying colours! :)

Having gastrics and PMS at the same time ! Its like adding salt on your wound ! Argg.. pain like hell ! But luckily I get some medicines for the illness.. my doctor said I have bad stomach which I already know early and somehow I thought I am having stomach cancer! Hopefully its just a simple stomachache or gastric that will heal in few days time ! People get sick easily nowadays with all those polluted environment ! How nice if its nature and no buildings around except for the little house with a simple lifestyle ! I live in KL and my relatives is in KL as well, so there is no chance for me to go to the kampung places that I wished I could have experience it although I know how dirty it is in kampung area for KL people !

Being poor or average in KL is quite suffering ! Of all the people I know and how they use their money, I judge my ownself that I am consider poor >,<... I can't really use money freely and have to think over and over again to buy something ! Sometimes life can just be that miserable.. you are right vin !

Anyway, if tomorrow if there is time for me to release the pixies out from my jail.. I'll show it what we have done ! Tehee... And vin, don't think so much aite ! Bye .. Ciaoz... good luck for tomorrow's paper!


  1. hehe..thx la leng...i wont think too much de!! Try my best k?


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