Stay Strong ~ Cousy....

Feel so sorry for someone, used to complaint a lot and now I had seen someone struggling for their life! Went to my cousin's house to visit him because he is ill ( seriously ill ) ... Saw my aunt cried in front of me because scared of losing his own son and when she went to the hospital, the people just can't shut the fuck up and keep telling her stories of how people is dying because of the illness...! She is really a good and responsible housewife... but why she had to face something so awful that makes her cry every night in her sleep perhaps...

Does everyone have to give up something in their life to continue surviving ?? Oh shit... I think I am talking to myself and mumbling again !! And everything I am talking now doesn't make any sense!! Argg.... feel so sorry !!
Cousy, hope you can get well soon ya ! Everyone is trying their best to help you, so stay strong ya ! Love ya ! Will go visit you soon again! Hope to see you in a good shape ! XOXO... <3

Jia Leng


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