Doing nothing just so unsatisfied! Don't you think so ?

Yea.. when we have class or school to attend, we will ask for more holidays and hope that holidays come between our class ! But, when we are having long holidays for a month, we also will feel boring, facing the laptop screen doing nothing. Perhaps boys may have the thoughts of playing games all the time from day to night ! Urgg.. this is pissing me off ! Why can't you just find some jobs and do something meaningful ! Sitting around, doing nothing, or going out to friends shop to see how well they are doing makes you feel happy ? satisfied ? when people have things to do but you don't have ? WTH teenagers thinking nowadays ! I just couldn't get it ! For once, I had been in the situation like this, I find jobs and earn some living ! Working had a little problem, I wouldn't just quit but had to bare it till the last moment ! You think that I had a great time working at that moment ? I did not hanging around doing nothing like you ! Damn bastard ! For so long, just let me scold you one this time and I am going to give up on you !

Still boiling inside me ! URGGGG!! I just hope you appreciate what you have now and don't complaint about going to Spore for education ! If I had just  born earlier than you, I definitely feeling happy to study there with all those kind and absolutely "kiasu" people ! Just don't know WTH are you thinking in your mind ! Does your mind full of those anime big boobs girl only wearing underwear ? Damn !!! I am still not feeling well after scolding you like this ! Just feel like you will never know what life is ! You may be more caring than me, more considerate than me but you don't make good use of you life ! Whats the POINT THEN !!!

Signing off here ! Just can't continue with all this stuff in my head when tomorrow I am still having exam !
Sorry for the angry post ! Hope you don't mind knowing what I am frustrated of >,<


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