~ Carmen ~

Something happen today, decided to leave the house for one day ! Staying with Carmen here is so much fun ! She is such a crazy person man ! She can laugh and smile and angry and get mad and crazy at the same time ! She love playing webcam and she should be studying lor.. not playing lo... Now.. she is eating junk foods ! OMG ! FAT AR...!!!! Carmen ar carmen .... tolong lar sikit ... not healthy la.. ! I wish I could be so happy at home everyday ! Although just the two of us, but its happy enough to make me smile and true happy feeling from my heart ! Love ya ! Study lar .... !!

Haaaa... Webcammie pix !

Fake wan !!! 

" Big big eyes!!!! " 

Our notes !!! Early childhood education notes and my Pr notes ! 

100 PLUS !!!! + both our saliva !! hahaha..

New hats !!! 

Oppsss.. blur diao liao !! 

Iris, Mine and Carmen ! 

Laaaala.. still laughing loudly with this lovely carmen here !! Haiz.. i think i can laugh out my ass tonight ! 


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