Counting from April 1st

My Grandmother's Burfday ! April Fool Day ! Ahah.. so long d... 

Went to her house and gave her a surprise ! See, she smile so happily ! Hope she enjoy her burfday ! 
I love you Grandma ! Happy Burfday ! 

Special Occasion ! Guess what ! I am dressing up by someone to take a photo for Visual Communication Assignments ! Look at her miracle hands, can make me become so godness! I am like a tomboy that always wear shorts and pants only ! But she made me wear a DRESS ! With all the accessories ! 

Taking random pix ! 

And when this big fluffy dog came, it make me stop and start playing with him ! He is so so so cute !!!! 

Sorry for the blur pix! 

Here is the outcome, after photoshopping ! Nice ? I gt comment from others to make this pix ! Thanks guys !

And then..... 

I CUT MY HAIR ! I went into a random saloon and ask her to dry cut ! Actually I am not that happy because it looks ugly on me but its only RM10.. so I was like .. NO WONDER LAR... ! But after few days, it become better with all my hard work with keep on pressing my hair and keep on combing my hair to straighten it ! 

13th April 2011! I go watch movie alone again ! I watched RIO ! The bird movie ! I like Nico ! That yellow bird was so cute and romantic ! Ahhah.. 

The bad guys ! 

The couples <3

The cool guys and ... saliva.. :P

The favourites ! Ahhh.. I love Nico so muchy ... <3

The movie was nice and there was so much interruption with all the small kids talking loudly ! It was a group of primary students with the parents and teachers, weird combinations with parents ..!
Anyway, have fun watching it alone ! Tehee..

Presentation day ! Did not do that well with the proposal stuff and get scolding from lecturer ><

But I am still happy with the results because we didn't fail it! Always think the positive way right ! *wink*

And then .... get ready for the worse! 

Ta-da ! The mask had come to meet me that day ! And told me not to be sad about it ! Hhahahaha..Lol..
Its my brother with the mask on it ! 

Camwhoring while he was watching anime ! Yewww... 

Green Bean mask ! Heard it before ? Its for whitening and pimple skin ! Quite effective! You can get it from the chinese herb store ! One big pack with only RM 30! You can use it over 30 times with the one whole pack ! 

Final Pix ! Thanks for camwhoring with me , bro.. Love ya ! 

Now you know who has the miracle hand ! Buahahahaha ! Thanks Penny ! 

Jia Leng


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