Genting Trip ( Old )

I am just flipping over my album and saw this folder ! Genting Trip ! It was an unexpected trip I guess I can say that.. because everything just didn't went on like we plan it to be ! I think I post about this before but I am  posting it for my belove CARMEN ! 

Went on the dragon roller coaster for times ! Hhahaha.. kinda addicted to it ! 

We are like waiting for peoples to come and fill up the place so that we can scream again and again!! Hahaha.. It was fun!

Posting weird poses and this is the outcome ! Muahahahaha.. laugh my ass of ~

Yay.. group picture! 

Another one ~

Another epic pose ! 

This ride really make them WET ! Ahahaha.. John was sitting the back and get all wet because the force was so big and they knew it they still want to sit together! Imagine that.. " 3 big size guy sit on a log and the force when it slide down from about 100 degree slanting " Mannnn.... 

Girls dress up ! 

Ate Pizza for lunch and had crazy idea about staying back in Genting for a night ! Hahaha.. finally din happen lar.. of course! 

Final piece and eaten by... erhem... me... hahah.. and another wan to Kevin ! 

This is about the genting post and it did take me back to time when Kevin is still in Malaysia ! Aww... Miss him so much ! 


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