Had to be !

Well, you know how sad I am now ! I am not pretending ... my face expression doesn't show all my sadness in my heart ! No one will knows ! I am sitting alone here and expressing the feelings to myself ! I am so so so sad ! I just don't understand why they had to treat us so bad while we are treating them so good ! Is this what it means that “ 好人沒好報?” ! Why this quote has to exist ! Arggh! I never wanted to hurt anyone and I am getting the scars and blood at the end ! WHAT A FAIR WORLD WE LIVE IN! 

I am depending so much on "W" but you gonna take away when it comes to the important period ! WHAT A LIFE ! Seriously fuck my life ! I feel so miserable after realizing I am living in a such unhealthy and unfair world ! I hope I can end my pain fast ! Bye ! 


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