Monday, April 4, 2011

第二届 MY ASTRO 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 Part 2

Well, gave you guys the part 1 .. here is the part 2 ! 
But maybe some of you guys saw it in facebook or.. NOT INTERESTED ! .. Its ok .. its a memory for me right ! I had fun that night and I risk my life for this concert !

The night before the concert, I slept outside in the cold weather of Genting just to change the ticket for the concert...! I was staying out in the cold from 11pm till the next afternoon 1pm ! Its a bit crazy for me but its an experience ... Fuyooh... And I think the concert is worth it to go because they invited big big artist .. when i say big it is really BIG ! 

And, I made new friends there as well! Velaine and Shi Shien ! Its kinda fun knowing them and we are like sisters already when we met that day ! The relationship development was extremely fast ! HAhahahah... they are kinda crazy and fun, but weird being with them because I am short and I am the oldest so its kinda terbalik how people look at us ! HAhahahaah... 

Right ... I think you guys kinda feel boring of my content already... so enjoy the pictures.. Its kinda too much but.. I still wanna show you guys.. Enjoy ! 

Alien Huang ! 

Ding Dang !

Jolin!!! I can't believe that she is really there ! And she is damn hot with her G boobs! 

Your truly.. Fahrenheit! 

God Wood with Child! 
hahah... Bernard created the Malay wan.. damn funny ! 

Ah Fai ! 

AK ! OMG ! They are damn friendly and generous ! 

Lee Hom! Speechless.. seriously ! Perfect to the max ! How I wish he is my husband (dreaming)..

Everything he did was perfect ! Just everything ! 

Your truly Carmen ! Lovessss....

Lo Yee Shi

Zhu Hao Ren! Dancing damn geng !

Erm... Hong Kong singer .. Opps..

Lala.. she damn cute la.. ! 


THOMASJACK ! They act kinda weird that night ! 

Can't take my eyes off her ! Seriously ! Even a girl ! So imagine how would it be for a guy ! Nose bleeding, body shaking, hair burst like a lion, and ask for MORE ... ! 

Finally end! 

In conclusion..... hahah.. its fun and crazy ! Cost me about 100 ringgit too ! and finally BYE! Its 11.30 pm and I haven had my bath yet ! I want to sleep early tonight ! Sorry for the late post because of the connection problem so I can't go online for few days! It really piss me and I damn stress for days ! Even now, my eyes still bengkak because I cried ! Pek Cek ! I wanna leave the H****!!!!

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