Unsolve ~

Came home with a lovely mood but after watching whats around the house, kinda wanna kill someone immediately ! There are people in the house but the windows were half open! All I can see my brother doing is play play .. play...play...play...play.....play...play... and play... his computer in the living room with his friend watching our LCD Television! Wanted to slap slap and slap to release my anger ! I really can't be patient on what he is doing ! Why can't he just find some works and earn some living to lighter our parents burden ! Well, when this topic came, he definitely wants to involve me ! "How about you!! You can lighter the burden of our parents by stopping the request of buying this and that !" You know what .... whenever I request anything, did I ever get it once before? Think about this first before you speak ! Use your brain for more useful stuff like learning and getting experience ! Not remembering how to play dota and computer games ! Urgghh.. Whenever I reach home, I always feel the burden of the house ! I don't even know what I want ! Do I want you guys to go to Singapore and leave me here alone or.. what ? Haiz.... Problems unsolve... T.T


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