What do you think this time?

Craziness of assignments and the walking in Taylors... ! Kinda feel that the campus is getting bigger and bigger.. its tired to walk from one block to another block when we have classes continuously ! And the lift sucks man ! The stall between the blocks has become a hit ! XD! Each a Cup ! They had promotions that small pearl and big pearl for only RM 1!! So that day, everyone had an Each a Cup instead of Starbucks ! We had our presentation , too ! And it sucks ! We thought that its not presentation skills subject so we don't have to look at the audience or have a small paper on hand but... NO ! She judge by the presentation skills too ! Damnit... so now I think our marks would be damn damn low ! ><

Well, the thing here is I don't know what to do at home until 6.30pm ! So I am just going to sleep then wake up for class! Oh Ya.. I'll show the pictures taken by someone for the Visual Communication Assignments..... on the next post ! So wait for it ! I know its kinda boring .. so...thanks for reading ! Hah! bYE !


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