Exam period !

Listening to the bird chirping ... with the "ok saja" scenery outside my windows... enjoying the morning breath .. in seconds, my sight has a white thick pieces of paper with six boxes each.. it ruin the beautiful feelings in the morning... Well, actually its afternoon la.. hahaha.. ! Had to study for 4 subjects and I didn't on facebook for 2 days ... i saw everyone was talking about what is the format... what to study ... and what is the tips answer.. Urgghh... feel so stressful after looking at the status that shows you guys really study that much already and left me alone just starting to study after all the comments that makes me feel I definitely can't finish my studying if I don't start now ! DIE ! Now, I am here after just studying for few minutes ! Ohhhhh.... I know that we always say that we hate things how it is when it happens to us like " I prefer exam than doing assignments when we have to finish our assignments in that due date" then now.. "I prefer assignments than having exam when we are going to have exam for the next few days " Whoosshh... I think I talk too much here... Gotta go and....... STUDY !

Everyone good luck at your finals ! Gambateh ! Add oil ! Fighting ! Bye ! 


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