Groupsss.. Outing ~

Had a family gathering at Stadium Negara the other day ! It was fun to see my cousin again but the "busy cousin" Jason didn't want to come.. yishhh.. Well, as in the picture, we had steamboat and also CRAB !!! Barhhhahaha... I love crab ! Yum yum... 

Steamboat with chicken soup and tom yam ! Tom yam .. nice ! 

My dad's second elder brother with his family... cute ... aren't they .. ? 

My cousin... the "quiet one" hahahaha..!!

At last, the adults table .. My grandma belanja that day dinner.. it cost her .. RM 777.. OMG ! Ah mah... belanja u makan next time a.. 

Had white wine that night.. but I prefer red wine... hehehe... 

Had an outing with my uni peeps... watch Fast and Furious 5 that day ! It was awesome man !!! Vin Diesel .. I love him .. HE IS SO SO FREAKING HOT... !!! 

Group shot .. ! 

Someone bought lots of nuggets and a samsh potato that cost her RM 13.20 ! Whooshh... 

My revenge time a.. muahahah.. 

Both wanna become detectives with cool smile.. but .. PHAILED... hahaha... 

Went for Karaoke session after movie ... having crazy time there.. and no pix of human being .. hahah.. because its too awful to watch .. sorry... 

Aiyo.. dear a.. that day you pun tau I gt schedule right.. how can I leave my friends when I am unfinished with them .. so sorry for not going down to meet you lar.. just once kay .. don't be so upset about this la.. I still love you and care about you ... please be cheer up la.. we gonna meet this Friday mar... so see you soon la.. BTW.. Final Destination is specially for you la.. VIP ... remember.. so cheer up la.. got any movie tell me earlier a.. so I won't go and watch with others ... My uni peeps wanna go for movie marathon perhaps .. so tell me ar..  so I can plan ! Kay .. cheer up kay.. Love ya ! 

Have a great day ! 


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