Happy Belated Birthday !!!
 Penny, Renvin ( 4th May ) &
Hazman ( 28th April )!

Send my love out to you guys ! Love you guys always ya ! Hope you guys love the present and Penny, wait for the last present la..! 

Caught an image at home after a day of  tiredness ! My sweet sweet parents ! Still so sweet after those days.. Hope you guys love each other as much as when you first in love with each other... (goosebumps)

Finally, semester 3 is over and having my 3 months holiday ! My holidays wont be holidays perhaps... have to work and earn a living starting from now ... ! So hard to live a life nowadays.. with little salary but high cost of living in Malaysia .. Everything increase except salary ! Yish ....

Went to Sweet Hut for some desserts one of the past days ! You know who I am going with.. my lovely Carmen Chong ! Mine... Funny dessert .. Egg with Fungus.. hahah.. Name also not nice.. ! 

Carmen wan dai la.. Watermelon Sago ! Look delicious right ! It is delicious ! Hmph.. ! 

Drank 2 bubble tea today ! Chatime and Snowflake.. hahah.. bubble tea lover cant be control ! 

Well, going for outing and planning what to do for 3 months ! But I think its going to be pack because there is so much things to do ahead before holidays start !

Hope you guys have a happy holiday ! 

See you soon ! Bye Nights ! 


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