Wesak Day ~ Eve

Spend wesak eve day with carmen .. ! Its a temple in brickfield! I never went to temple on Wesak thanks to Carmen, yesterday was my first !! *wink*

Credit to Carmen

The building was decorated with lights and the night time scenery was awesome !!! Beautifullllll.... !!! 

Credit to Carmen
So pretty that the camera won't focus on me ><

Credit to Carmen

Went to pray ! The candles and the flowers... so pretty ! 

Credit to Carmen
Went for the water splashing from the monk and got the ribbon from them ! 

Carmen still have last year and previous year and previous previous year ...... hahah... 


Queuing up for the praying in the Shine Building ~ Pack of people and its raining... T.T

Hahahaha... the face .. !! Love her face expression here... ! You are thin la.. angle problem la.. ! 

Bought Cai Kueh from outside the temple... ! 

And.... finally went for a 1am supper ! Scallop porridge .. cost RM 10 ! Big bowl but we finished it ! Haaa..

Went home around 1 something ! Thanks for the celebration ! I love night outing ! So syok ar.. hahah

Finally .. wish you again... HAPPY WESAK DAY ! 


  1. aniangwei, so funny la weii.
    so pweetyy that the camera doesnt focus on u, but on the pweety scenery!


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