Working Period

Well, sorry for not blogging for such long time ! I am working now at some boutique and I have time to blog now because I had an off day and thats today ! Working stress , at home also stress ! Don't know where to release it ... when i swear at facebook , kena from my dad because he can see everything I done in facebook !! Now i switch to twitter ! So I only add my close friends in twitter no others! Because its all about my problem !

Now, family keep complaining this and that ! WTF !!! Seriously man ! Can't I have some peaceful moment !

Now my house no water and I can't bath and the weather is so freaking hot ! My off day has been a " GREAT DAY " since in the morning lar ! Can't wake up late, can't have laughter out of no where, can't do things that I want to do and the freaking weather is messing with me too !

I'll just chill right now and stay on with my daily routine !

Aite, not gonna update my blog so soon ! Wish you guys still stay with me here ! Thanks ! Bye !
Oh Ya ! I have lots of picture but I ain't gonna upload so soon here ! Maybe after two months when I started my college life again ! Results out today ... I am satisfied ! But still don't know what to choose as the major subject ! God help me !

Jia Leng


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