Mixture !

You know what you know what you know what !!!!!! TOMORROW IS THE FIRST DAY CLASS OF SEM 4 BUT UNTIL NOW NOT YET HAVE THE TIMETABLE ! WTH ! I feel like scolding all the inappropriate word here !! Argghh ! Today was a bad day ! Had all the trouble and mess and scolding from everywhere !!! Seriously man.....

Anyway, sorry to start the post by the angry mood ! Just can't control it ! I stopped my full time and change to part time now, have to work every weekend still ... and study for the weekdays ! I just came back from Singapore on Saturday, really had fun there ! But mostly we ate we don't really shop! So... sorry .. no souvenirs.. hahahaha... and thanks to Renvin's cousin.. almost all the meal was spent my her man ! Feel so "bu hao yi shi" but its great to know her and her friends from Malaysia ! Had fun there eating ! Buahahahah !

Anyway, going back there in Ramadhan again !

I am blogging with my computer because its still better to blog with computer even though can blog with my Iphone la.. ! But lazy to upload photos la ! hahahaha

I think thats all, after all the moody thing happen, think back the time in Singapore cheer me up again ! haha!

Oh ya ! you know what ! I went clubbing for the first time in Singapore and it was fun man ! I can't believe I drank that much and with all the crowd but what I really disappoint is that we didn't wear the right dress code that night ! Thanks to Violet and Zovy again ! I know... clubbing no big deal .. but its the first for me kay !

See you guys soon !

Nights peeps !

Love Jia Leng


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