Another usual day without her voice and noise .. It's not a good day and nearly the worst ! Schedule always mess up and unconfirmed ! The presentation was not so bad because I didn't have that much stage fright compare to last time and I am relief its not presentation skills ! If not I am gonna be so fail !! And I only know that I will be presenting today morning ! That is sucks ! Anyway, it end up better than I expected !

Had lunch at B.Station again .. With the two usual girls ! And it's so fun to meet up again with the whole gang and had fun even it's just poking here and there and throwing papers here and there and even cause a sexual harassment !! Hahahhaha .. That is a funny and accidentally one ! I wish I could spend everyday in college like that ! It's part of releasing stress with all the fun things happening around !

Other thing is, I am really fed up with the arrogant attitude ! Just keep it to urself and help others instead of being selfish ! I can't say anything more because situation is still so stiff even it's already week 6 ! Having exam next week and I don't feel the mood of studying for mid term yet ! Kill me !

Just share some random pictures below ! The person I love and spend everyday ! Night peeps ! Love ya !


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