Besties time !

Had a busy day on Friday! Went out early the morning for boutique survey and it's exhausted man !! The weather is so damn hot and we had to buy drinks twice ! Penny and I went to Bangsar and Kuchai Lama for blogshops boutique ! I realise that this is what we do when they say PR people have to talk a lot ! And yes! It's damn embarrass and awkward to talk to strangers !! Anyway, it's an experience and I had a great time there because it's like window shopping ! Aha !

Night time.... Guess what ! I went for drinking with my secondary besties at overtime ! At first we are going to beer factory but it's fully book even it's only 7! Erggh ! I must go for the next time ! We had great time talking the past and future and now ! We talk more than ever ! But Carmen is a little quiet because she is exhausted for her daily works ! We went home around 11! And I went to pick up my dad from kl central! All I can say is, I never had so much plan on one day itself and it's AWESOME !!!

Had my first Gong Cha today, lemon juice with ai yu and White pearl ! The White pearl is disgusting !! Chatime always is the best one ! Going to try chadao next time in Pavilion ! Had a dinner to replace my birthday meal at Pantai Seafood in Kayu Ara ! ... I'll show some pictures ! Enjoy ! And nights!! Sweet dreams ! ( no pictures for food.. Ahhaha.. Forget to take picture of it)


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