Dis-stress ME !!

Today, I had experience many things that I couldn't accept. I don't know how to say this but its giving me stress with all the stuff plus I had to work on so many things including events, assignments, relationships, interaction. This is really giving me a hard time and I am feel like dying everyday. I frequently think about how nice if I wasn't born and don't have to go through all this hard time. But then I think back to my parents, they would feel so upset on that.

Somehow, I had real relax time in Spore. Maybe its too relax and I can't get back to my usual life that's why I am feeling so stress about everything.

All I can say is I am not pretty, I don't get much friends, I am bad in maintaining relationships and I am good at nothing! I am a hopeless girl ! That's what I am feeling right now .. ! Time to sleep after hours of assignments yet the outcome is so much lesser than my efforts! Darn !


  1. dont think like that..hehe..u have us..^^

  2. hope so... really stress like hell u know !! this problem that problem .. aiyo !

  3. u are pretty pretty girl~~~~~ I SAY DE~~~!!! don't doubt that~~~~~

    and having a few good friends is better than having a lot of hi-bye friend. cheer up k!!! ^^ MUACK!!! ♥♥♥

  4. what peng said is true...
    ga yao!!!
    i know a lot of problem..but u have to take it easy..if not you will burst like a balloon ..hehe..coz too much pressure ad..but ga yao har..we will support you de^^


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