Fun and scary !

Less than 2 days away from my exam ! I am not even done with one subject yet ! I am dead ! I couldnt concentrate and now I am having a headache ! Oh my... But I had fun last night ! It's the first night i had so much fun ! A lot of first experience ! We went to snowflake around 10 at night then we went to watch movie in that scary Mbo hall ! We had games while waiting for the movie time to come ! And there were only us in the game centre ! After the gaming, we went for yum cha which was around 12 something to wait for the time to pass !

We watch Johnny English Reborn ! Darn funny ! We were laughing throughout the movie ! And finally, the climax ! After movie, we saw most of the people took stairs down to their car park ! We were wondering why they didn't take the lift ! But then we took the lift ! First lift full, so we waited for the next one ! The next one came and everyone went in till it's FULL! Then the lift is not moving ! It stayed on the same level for sometime to take us realise that it's not moving ! Then we tried to open the lift door by pressing the button ! It's not opening !!! WE WERE STUCK in the lift for about 20 minutes with 15 person in it ! Waiting and waiting... It's getting hotter and hotter and finally it's getting harder and harder to breath ! All the carbon dioxide is accumulate at the bottom level and I am short ! All I have was carbon dioxide instead of oxygen ! And the stupid lady keep scolding and cursing! If she got panic everyone will panic ! Finally the people came to open the lift door ! We are so happy and then we heard they say " tak boleh buka la" damn ! We were like we are doom ! And then they tried again ! Finally, fresh air ! Cold air ! My friend's face turned into green and I was stunning while walking out of the lift ! It was a freaking scary experience in the lift ! I was really thought that I will suffocated to dead or something like that ! But it was fun !

Hahahah... So you guys know what to do next time ! Don't enter when it's too pack or full ! Don't be panic when you are stuck in the lift ! And don't be so selfish taking all the oxygen, leave some for others !!!!! Those darn group !

Anyway, I can't study now! Going to bed for a better tomorrow ! Night peeps !


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