Happy birthday to me !

Happy Birthday to myself !!! I am officially 19 ! Oh yeah ! And it's the happiest birthday ever after my primary school is over ! I had a birthday party when u was 9 and that was 10 years ago ! Since then I never really felt like a birthday !

Anyway, I am so happy because my college mate still prepare a cake for me even though they are busy with their mid terms ! I know it sucks right.. Having mid term on your birthday ! But it's happy enough for me to cover the sad moment ! Thanks guys ! Thanks for giving me a surprise when u guys are so busy .. Thanks Carmen for giving me the TJ album ! It's a precious one .. I had a card last year but now I have an album ! Hahahah... Sign by their own hands !!!! Precious !! And thanks Kar Chun for giving me a call just to wish me happy birthday ! And thanks all the people who wish me in my twitter and facebook ! And lastly, I am really really happy with my mum and wants to thanks her so mug for doing so much for me since she stop working ! It's something priceless and cannot be replace ! I love you ! I love you guys !! Thanks !!


  1. hehehe...you are welcome leng^^ enjoy your last hour of your birthday ya!!! heheheeee..penny's photo..haha


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