Its not a case I expected ...

I am very disappointed that we have to go through our friendship like this ! I didn't even thought of something like this will happen !

When u ask me to go out, it's not that I don't want, is I can't ! I have assignments to rush, have to manage some big event coming soon and everyday I come home around 6 to 7 or sometimes 8 ! I am tired u know ! I am not like you can go out for drinks or drive all the way to gold coast just like that ! I am not as independent as you ! I am not as strong as you ! When I am stressing about my assignments, you just add more stress by adding this kind of problem ! When I read your blog I was like wth and laugh for a while ! I didn't thought that u will thought of me like that ! Yea maybe I change but everyone change right ! Change in sense of the way we handling things and stuff but I don't think our friendship has change until I read ur blog ! We usually go out once in a while due to our different schedule ! It's just that time I am really busy with college stuff until I have to stay up till 4 in the morning to finish everything ! U know I won't stay up so late even it's exam ! I thought u know me better !

And the Taiwan trip, I thought really carefully only make that decision not going with u guys ! U know how excited i am about that trip and u know I wanted to go so much ! But i really can't confirm the date because I receive many different answer from everywhere ! And I only can confirm when the timetable is out next year ! I don't want to drag u guys down by paying more u understand or not ! It's not that I dont want to go with you ! I wish I can go because we only have so little time to spend together ! I have expected that we will have new friends and have lesser time to spend together when we choose our different path ! I have accepted but I didn't thought that u haven't !

I am explaining this to you because I feel guilty rejecting every date you ask me ! I whatsapp you but u dun reply ! I tried ! If you still think this matter is unacceptable after my explanation, nevermind ! Choice is up to you ! But this is the last thing I can do to save our friendship !


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