The wrong time !

Doing nothing the whole day, watching tv and resting on the sofa like there is no exam coming up ! I am dead ! I am not even started yet !

While on Facebook, I saw someone was so mad to her mum just because of her mum keep all her shorts and don't allow her to wear it ! She even curse her mother to dead ! Oh my god ! I wouldn't do that even if my mum make me so angry ! Nowadays, younger generations should be more mature thinking rather than being selfish!

Anyway, I wanted to wish three person for their Burfday ! That is Kevin Hsu, John Liew and myself ! Aha ! In case that you don't know what is the relationship between us, our burfday is just 4 days different from each! Cool right ! Hope to celebrate together but Kevin is in Taiwan and it's examination period ! Nobody wants to make burfday party or celebration at this period ! So sad ! I always had to go through my burfday every year with exams !! Nahh... I am use to it ! I have to get back to studies now ! Bye ! Good luck in your exams ! I know you will read this Renvin ! Hahah.. Good luck ya ! And push aside about the monday issue la .. Love ya ! Nights !


  1. leng..if can..i really need someone to talk to right now...i don't even know whether is my fault or not...=(


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