Deepavali Symptom !

Deepavali.. is HERE ! HAPPY DEEPAVALI ! Have not much Indian friends so no open house party this year .. its kinda sad.. because I love indian food !! Its delicious and expensive in Malaysia. I think everything is expensive in Malaysia.. ! DaMN !

Anyway, its a really sad deepavali this year because I GOT SICK and LOTS OF ASSIGNMENTS ! One of it is to promote the video we shoot and I have to UPLOAD IT FAST ! You know its easy to download but difficult to upload a video right ! So I had to upload my 1.44GB video in CYBER CAFE ! I can't believe I went to CC just to upload a video! Because they have Unifi there, so its fast ! BUTTTTTTT.... the first time I upload, it got stuck at 100% and its already processing the video .. FINE ! Upload the second time... GOT STUCK AGAIN ! I am piss and went to my friend house and she told me I successful uploaded it in CC ! I was like WTH ! Anyway, I UPLOADED IT ! Phew ! Now I have to get back my pendrive from my friend.

I am really sick and COUGH all the time even when I am sleeping, I can feel my throat is dry and swollen! My lung is going to jump out from my mouth everytime I cough ! And I always can taste some blood in my mouth after coughing ! I hope I won't have to puke blood later !

I went to MBO for Sector 7 ! Its quite nice but damn fake la.. You know what I mean if you watch the movie ! But I think its worth to watch ! Something different and you won't even thought of creating a monster which can last 24 hours with fire on its body ! So ... its DIFFERENT !

Erm.. what else..? I think that's all ! My mom's birthday is coming soon ! Gonna take memorable photos, its quite simple this year because we are out of budget ! Damn... money is so important ! But I am sure she will be happy if we have the heart ! Mom, I LOVE YOU !

Back to assignments ... ><


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