Just end the previous post with a really serious topic ! I write about it because I care ! So be it !

Anyway, didn't update my blog for like long long time ! Sorry didn't have the mood to update it ! Because busy preparing stuff and assignments !! The usual wan !

I went to library past few days ago ! We order a tower for only at Rm 68 plus tax and everything ! Cheap right ! Problem is ... There are only two of us drinking one tower... It's ok la .. But we can't finish it.. Obviously la .. One tower is not for two but for five ! Anyway, I am proud of my drinking skills and Carmen too ! Buahahah .. It was fun, although we just sit down there and do nothing ! I just love the environment the people I am going out with !

Sorry for the sudden wave pictures, have too much to updates and too little time to update !

Oh ya ! Fashionology ! An upcoming event ! I will blog about it soon .. Don't worry it's going to be held soon so it's not going to take me time to hold the next post for so long !

Let the picture do the talking ! Went to tokyo street for ochado ! Went to shogun ! And more la ... Nights ...


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