People • Faction

I just realise something in life when I crap that much in the toilet and exercise my presentation while I am bathing .. I actually did well and talk well .. But that only stays in the toilet ! When i have to present in front of the public, ur classmates or ur teacher .. I went from heaven to hell! Who can't speak well, who can't present well IN THE TOILET ?! It's the people who make me feel from heaven to hell ! That's when I realise how scary people can be .. It's just a tiny bity things cross over my mind and ended up giving me that big solution !

I wonder when will people start extinct and all the curiosity start pilling in my mind .. This is a really scary sudden thought of mind and I think it's a very useful information and I don't wanna lose this by just having it in my mind. Therefore, I decide to post it up as a post in my blog and keep it as a diary...

I hope people will be so much nicer and wouldn't make me want people to extinct .. Finally I wanna say ! I love you, PEOPLE!


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