The F day !

Finally .. End of the event !! Thank god !! It was really like living on the he'll for the pass 12 weeks ! Evaluation on Monday ! Know too much and gonna tell what I know ! It's the truth .. Not making up stories ! Hahahahahhahah.. Waiting for the moment of truth to reveal !

Fashionology is better than I expected ! But kinda disappointed on the fashion show .. We wore make up.. And dresses ! I hate my dress because it makes me look damn fat ! I know people .. Don't say it to my face .. It hurts to hear that especially JOHN!! Omg ! The freaking straight forward person I know in my entire life !! the make up.. Manage to put on contact lens and as a beginner .. Am good in wearing contact lens .. Can last till midnight 2am .. Wow right ! Am not gonna say what happen to that event .. Not bad and not good ! Be regret for not coming to the event !! After event .. Oh yeah ! Supper ! Wait for my friend to come pick us at Taylor and went off to supper at sunway ! He came damn late so he pay for the food hahhaha!! Punishment !! He accompany us in the hotel also la.. So ok la.. Forgive him !! Hahah .. Anyway. Thanks for the supper of u read this Wong Kah Chun ! That's all ! I have picturess .. Enjoy ! Damn tired night !!!


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