Freaking Semester !

Kinda angry and piss off !! When it comes to think that this semester is going to END, I AM SO SO SOOOO HAPPY !! LIKE HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! Because this semester is the worst moment ever happen in my life and I just wanna DELETE it off my brain. Really piss me off when I am doing something but people don't even care to see it or maybe they just see and forget! And everything I do, they just threw it away like the effort and energy of doing it is like a piece of cake!

So guys, when you do something, JUST SHOW IT ! Don't be so rendah diri and hide everything, people will not appreciate you when you are invisible to them. I rather someone hate me than not knowing that I am exist !

So much things happen recently and my event is like losing hopes... Everyone give some support la.. its just take an effort and money. Its a charity fashion show dinner, it doesn't attract you with something so special ? OMG ! I am dying here ..


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