Die and no one knows !

Sometimes just a bit of concern is enough to make me happy ! And I want it to come from my family ! Like when important date like birthday celebration .. How can a u forget a date when u give birth ? I sometimes suspect that whether am I ur real daughter .. It makes me feel so bad knowing that u don't want to come to my event ! How can u say that in front of me ? I can feel how brother feel now .. Why he is so upset about the sushi thingy.. Because I felt the same today ! I was asking to take me to snowflake just yesterday and u forget straight away ! Do u really love me ? I cried every night of thinking that answer and today I told u .. U just act like nothing happen ! I am really really sad and I wanted to cry out loud !! Someone please take me far far away ! Not that I am demanding better things from u .. I just demand love ! Do u ever know what is love .. ? Even a basic love u still think that is a really huge love ? Maybe I am
Virgo so I demand more of that compare to others ! Just a simple meal can make u say " see how much I love you " I was like .. Aren't u suppose to do..? It's not like u take me straight away out for lunch ! I am sad ! Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

It makes me want to go out all the time .. But when I go out .. My brother went out too ! So I feel guilty of leaving u at home and sometimes I give up going out ! Do u ever think why we always want to go out ? Because we can have fun when we hang out with friends I know that ! And I get mad of my brother because I am the one always sacrifice my time and he did nothing ! I didn't even say out to let u guys know .. I beh tahan d but I still can't say out to you guys because I know ur reaction will be .. " u know I have short terms memory lost ma... Or like that also want to angry? " it's going to be a mess if I say out .. I can't say it to anyone else .. Because they don't go through this kind of things ! They have enough love and don't lack of love like me ..


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