End of the year 2011

New year is few days away !!! Monday is a public holiday !! Oh yes !! Get to rest for another day ! Going to countdown with my friends at Scott Garden ! Gonna drink for sure ! It's time to get the party started !! So excited for that day ! Hopefully had fun and release all my stress there !

Bought Zara for the first time ! I know ! Like what the ... I am not that rich ! And I buy those clothes for Chinese New Year first day ! Not gonna reveal it until I wear it ! Aha ! Love it so much !

Flipping magazines the whole day making the day a bit lifeless for me ! Planning on a proposal and the final piece kinda make me feel GOOD... Hahaha..

Watching whale wars on Animal Planet Channel ! OMG!! They are so cruel !! Not gonna say who but the whale hunter is so bad that they can kill whales and hurt people who wants I stop their illegal act ! The news is spread throughout the world when it is happening ! Efficient Australians ! Don't kill whales please ! They are going to extinct if we continue this cruel act you damnit ! Whales are such a beautiful mammals !

Finally, wish you guys a Happy New Year !!


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